New Mexico’s Aging and Long-Term Services Department is dedicated to making sure the state’s older adults and adults with disabilities continue to participate in their communities.
The department is a leader in developing programs and building partnerships that support lifelong independence and healthy aging. That is why the governor declared Senior Day.

The event allows seniors to meet with the senators and representatives and advocate what they believe they need and deserve without having to worry about anything else.

Senior Day will be January 19th, at the legislature. Coming together to celebrate and understand the process and advocating to keep the services for seniors. Community-based partners have put together festivities for the seniors. Everything will start at 10 a.m., with AARP sponsoring free donuts and food vouchers with a breakfast burrito to keep the seniors fed. And for all seniors around the state who can’t make it, they will be live streaming from their webpage, they can ask questions and participate in the movement.

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