The Children’s Cancer Fund not only brings awareness, but also provides educational, emotional and financial needs for those who live with and fight cancer. Dr. Linda Butros, childhood cancer survivor Joey Saiz and his mom Seigrid stopped by to talk about it.

According to Dr. Butros, survival rates are increasing throughout the years. “Survival rates are going up and up every year and we are over 80% now,” she said. Although these numbers show a positive trend, fighting cancer succesfully implies heavy treatments. “We started a pretty intense protocol of chemotherapy, lumbar punctures and lots of medications,” said Seigrid Saiz. “It took a toll on us, it was very hard,” she added.

After more than 3 years, Joey’s treatment nears the end thanks to the Children’s Cancer Fund of New Mexico that “really provided a lot of support in so many ways” according to his mom.

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