April is National Brunch Month when most celebrate the flavors of spring with a favorite meal that combines the best of breakfast and lunch and fun beverages. New Mexico Living spoke with super chef and food writer Marisel Salazar getting her to take on how to make your brunch one of a kind.

The first thing when planning a brunch is choosing a theme, with a popping color. After that, a good drink will have all your guests enjoying their time.

The first beverage that your guest will enjoy will be a twist on the typical Bloody Mary is a Bloody Maria. Instead of the usual vodka, they are using Cantera Negra Tequila. This tequila is distinctive for its mineral and cooked agave.

If tequila is not your thing another beverage that compliments a lot of dishes is Prosecco. This is a go-to beverage that many people love to have when enjoying brunch. Salazar’s favorite got-to is Josh Cellars Prosecco. This is sourced from Italy, which gives a refreshing acidity and also a touch of sweetness with flavors of pear, green apples ad citrus that pairs perfectly with any brunch plans.