Cano Health provides state-of-the-art primary care medicine, predominantly in underserved areas, with a focus on the elderly Latino communities. Their personalized patient care also delivers a proactive approach to wellness and preventive care.

With three locations in New Mexico, Cano Health has quickly begun helping minorities in the state get access to health care. “What we try to do is put our offices right there where the need is, in fact, we often get asked why do you put your clinic over there and we say that’s where the people need the healthcare,” said Dr. Richard Aguilar, chief clinical officer, Cano Health.

Cano Health likes to focus not only on helping their patients when they are sick but also on how to prevent those life illnesses. Dr. Aguilar explained how some illnesses like diabetes and heart disease are usually passed on by genetics due to diet. Cano Health teaches its patients how to live a healthy lifestyle, monitor their diet, and provide exercise ideas. For more information about Cano Health, visit