Procrastination is something that at one point or another and has likely interrupted all of our lives. That overwhelming sense of “I’ll just do it later” gets the best of us and can oftentimes, possibly even lead to more stress.

People are usually affected 55 days out of the year by procrastinating according to Dr. Stevie DeJuan Springer, Wise, and Well. People need to know that procrastinating may be caused by certain things that the body needs.

Can people fix procrastination? What people need to understand first is what causes it. Number one is sleep and the second is serotonin. Dr. Stevie explained that the reasons why people procrastinate are that there is fear of people, wanting to be perfect, self-sabotage, being overwhelmed and just being tired.

What can people do you make it better? Dr. Stevie explained that people need to increase serotonin, fitness, and have a healthy diet. He also added that people should add more omega-3, probiotics, green vegetables, and oatmeal. For more information visit