With approximately 1,000 members, the Albuquerque Hispano Chamber of Commerce is comprised of organizations and individuals, all motivated towards making the Duke city a special place to be. One of their members is working towards doing just that. Bfit505 is a community collaborative that provides fitness opportunities for individuals to live a healthy life with movement and wellness.

“I been in education for 25 years and throughout that time being with students and families in the community it seems a thought one of the key components for success was in health and wellness,” said Melanie Buchanan Farmer, Owner of BFit505. In 2016, Buchanan created ‘Running 505’ a youth wellness organization and one of the goals for that was to expand community wellness. Eventually, BFit505 was the next step and with the help of organizations they have created a healthy community.

BFit505 is a Crossfit Gym, that has members from 4-76 years of age. They are a gym that meets individuals wherever they are and works with them to help them meet their fitness and wellness goals. For more information visit BFit505.