Beer Creek Brewing Co. is a locally owned and operated brewery on the outskirts of Santa Fe. As the first brewery in the state to commercially provide beers made entirely from New Mexican ingredients, the company offers hand-crafted food and beer, along with a fun atmosphere and experience.

Beer Creek began with a group of local foodies and home brewers gathering together and deciding to grow hops. The group’s love of brewing inspired them to grow hops commercially and eventually open their own brewery. Now, Beer Creek Brewing Co. has been in business for five years.

Everything in Beer Creek’s brews is grown locally; the malt is grown at Schwebach Farm, and all of the hop farms are within 50 miles of the brewery. Beer Creek aims to support local farms and spur on New Mexico’s economy through the creation of its products. Not only are all of the brewery’s beers made locally, but all of the food they offer is also made from scratch.

The brewery is located at 3810 NM-14, between Madrid and Santa Fe, and is open from 11:30 a.m. to 9 p.m., Tuesday through Sunday. To learn more, visit Beer Creek’s website at this link.