This spot creates quick meals from scratch. Bedrock Kitchen is a woman-owned and operated company that provides a variety of meals that are covenant for all. Whether you’re a vegan vegetarian or a meat lover Bedrock Kitchen will always be serving up something for you.

Their seasonal Grab & Go Breakfast and Lunch menu is locally sourced and made with organic ingredients. The meals are created from scratch and pre-packaged daily. They also offer customers a choice of hot soups year-round. Those who have to deal with common allergens can choose from their menu items that are Gluten-free, dairy-free, and safe natural sugars for diabetics.

Bedrock Kitchen does donate its items to the community. They call them “Day olds” to Rock Noon Day shelter on a weekly basis. The donation goes to food scrap compost to Milligan Ranch for cattle feed and we donate our grease to be turned into biodiesel.