The Albuquerque Public Schools education foundation is a non-profit for APS. Their funds go towards creative academic projects, programs, and clubs. Each year, the foundation recognizes three outstanding teachers for their original ideas benefiting their students; Stephani Treadwell is the principal at Collet Park Elementary.

She was born into education and explained that both of her parents were educators. She grew up in that atmosphere and loved it, and she knew that her career path would be in education.

Treadwell brought the 4-H program to her elementary school. This is the first school that she worked in that suffered from a socioeconomic population, and she noticed that the school where there were fewer or no socioeconomic students did better. So she realized she needed to invest in things that her students liked to do such as dance lessons, sports, art lessons, etc. Kids of lower socioeconomic didn’t have that, and she realized it needed to be implemented when the kids were in school. So she brought the 4-H program into the school day. After she added this program, attendance soared, and 23% of chronic absences dropped down to 7%.

Treadwell wishes that kids would have longer school days so these kinds of programs get added and kids would love going to school. For more information, visit