Animal Humane goes above and beyond for pets in need. Most of us have seen a lost pet roaming around the streets and we often feel the need to do something to help the lost pet.

Pet of the week: Kabooka

  • Male
  • Mixed Breed
  • 2 years old, Adult
  • Large
  • Adoption Fee $100.00

Animal Humane discusses what steps community members should take when they find a lost pet:

  • Assess the Situation- Where is the park located? Residential area, park, wilderness, busy road/traffic area. Does the pet appear sick or injured?
    • a. Residental area or Park: Knock on doors and ask nearby people if they recognize the pet and know where they live/who they belong to.
    • b. Busy Road or Wilderness: Without putting yourself in harm’s way, attempt to lead the pet to safety or call them to you to check for collar tags/general well-being.
  • Evaluate their Temperament/Body Language -Is the pet’s body language comfortable? Is the pet fleeing from you with fearful body language? Or attempting to create distance through vocalization?
    • a. Comfortable Body Language and Friendly Temperament: Crouch down and gently reach out for them to sniff. If they approach you in a friendly manner and do not shy away, check to see if they have a collar with ID tags.
    • b. Fearful Body Language and Fleeing/Distance Creating: Do not attempt to approach this pet. Pets who are fearful and in a state of high anxiety may injure you or themselves. Call your local Animal Control (in ABQ – AWD/311) and inform them of the situation if you are not able to find the owner in the nearby area.
  • Unsuccessful in finding their home nearby and they do not have collars with ID tags, but able to safely catch?
    • a. Take the pet to the closest Veterinary Office and request that staff scan the pet for a microchip. If chipped with up-to-date information, the Clinic Team can contact the pet’s owner.
  • No microchip or contact information?
    • a. Create a found pet post on PawBoost, Petco Love Lost, Nextdoor, Facebook Lost Pet Groups, etc. The more photos you can take and posts you create, the better.
    • b. Please consider housing the lost pet temporarily while seeking their rightful owners! If you’re not able to, ask friends, family, and coworkers if they can temporarily house. Many shelters, including Animal Humane, are currently overcapacity and receive high volumes of admission requests daily.