Guiding Novice cooks into the culinary world. The kitchen is the heart of every loving home and “Annette’s love-inspired recipes” embodies just that. With over a hundred tantalizing and easy-to-follow recipes, the cookbook has a dish for every mood and occasion.

Knowing that not everyone was lucky enough to have had a role model and mentor in the kitchen growing up, Annette hopes that her cookbook will help guide novice cooks into the culinary world and show them that creating delicious and satisfying meals doesn’t ever need to be difficult or feel like a chore.

Over the years, every recipe in this book has been created with love and shared often with her friends and family, who have long encouraged her to share them with others as well. Now that she has, she hopes it will help you to create the same sorts of cherished memories that she has over the years, making these dishes, seasoning them with love, sharing them with those people who matter most in your life, and watching their faces light up. For more information about Annette’s recipes visit