This year’s Fire Prevention Week is officially underway, and Albuquerque Fire Rescue (AFR) is taking important steps to raise awareness. October 2023’s fire prevention theme is “Cooking safety starts with you.”

The National Fire Protection Association lists five leading causes of home fires and says that about two-thirds of home fires start in the kitchen. AFR says that setting a timer when cooking is one of the best ways to prevent fires. The department says that fires often start when things cooking in the kitchen get forgotten about.

Having a three-foot kid-free zone around the stove is another way to practice fire safety in the kitchen. Lastly, having lids nearby to snuff out a fire is one of the best ways to lower fire risk in the kitchen.

AFR says fire prevention starts at home, and these small changes can lower the risk of starting a home fire immensely. To learn more about cooking fire safety, click here.