The Albuquerque Community Safety Department is a public safety department that works in collaboration with the police and fire departments. The ACS is currently looking for people to join their team. Director Mariela Ruiz-Angel stopped by to develop on the subject.

ACS has 911 dispatch send trained professionals with backgrounds in behavioral and mental health to non-violent- and non-medical calls. “Not every call needs a badge or a gun to go see it. Sometimes you just need someone to go check on your mom,” said Ruiz Angel. According to her, ACS received around 14,000 calls and about 8,000 of these would have required the police to answer them without the help of ACS.

ACS offers positions to “entry-level folks all the way up to folks with really strong education and background,” added Ruiz-Angel. She nevertheless emphasized that applicants must be passionate: “you have to have a passion for this work,” she said.

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