The Albuquerque Animal Welfare Department stopped by this morning to give advice on how to keep your pets cool in this intense heat.

Officer Andres Couch offered some steps to preserve the health of pets, including not leaving them inside a car even with the windows down. Couch’s wants to remind owners to be extremely careful with their pets in this heat wave. Officer Couch also discussed the sanctions neglecting pet owners can be exposed to. Such sanctions can vary from fines to jail time in extreme cases.

Couch also discussed tips to keep pets cool during the summer. He emphasized the importance of having plenty of fresh water and shade available to avoid a heatstroke. Some signs of a heatstroke are heavy panting, rapid heartbeat, lack of coordination and profuse salivation. If you think your pet is having a heatstroke, immediately contact your veterinarian and try to lower your pet’s body temperature with ice packs or cool towels for example.

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