Albuquerque Acupuncture and Integrative Medicine is a local clinic specializing in treating complex chronic illnesses such as neuropathy and auto-immune disease. Doctor Andrea Brogdon leads this clinic and specializes in combining Chinese medicine techniques with some Western medicine techniques to help heal her patients. She says her goal is to give hope to cases deemed hopeless and help her patients get their lives back. 

New Mexico Living recently spoke with Dr. Brogdon at her clinic about how she addresses and treats her patients who deal with certain types of complex chronic conditions. 

“So, I do see a lot of autoimmune diseases and IBS, but there has been an influx in just a lot of unexplained. You know, essentially what we are seeing is the body is starting to be very inflamed and we are starting to get symptoms of mucus in the throat, difficulty breathing. Things with facial nerves, you know, just kind of unexplained. And many times, patients have gone to many other specialists in order to figure out what’s going on with their body with no answer.” says Dr. Brogdon.

One of the key things that set Dr. Brogdon apart when it comes to how she is caring for her patients, is that she is using certain technologies that help the body heal itself, as opposed to using medication.

“In my office, I don’t just use the time-tested solution of acupuncture. But I am also using a therapy called ATP Resonance Biotherapy. Now, what that is, is it was developed by NASA to help the astronauts heal better in space. And it is going to help, it’s like recharging your battery, so it gives your body the resources it needs in order to start that healing process.” says Dr. Brogdon.

New Mexico Living spoke with one of Dr. Brogdon’s patients, Becky, and learned how after going to five specialists, it wasn’t until she found Dr. Brogdon that she started improving from her complex chronic condition.

“I had multiple health problems that were, basically, the last specialist I saw, he told me my body was turning against me and there wasn’t a whole lot he could do, ” says Becky.

For Becky, her whole body was starting to not act right

“I had lost control of my parasympathetic nervous system, which meant if I got stressed out, my heart went. My heart rate jumped into the 200’s. I was triple digit in my blood pressure. And after COVID-19, I had developed something in my throat.  I want to say that it was mucus, come to find out it was a fungus. But this fungus had spread to my lungs and to my sinuses. And by the time I got to Dr. Brogdon it was getting up here [head],” says Becky.

And thank goodness Becky found Dr. Brogdon when she did. It wasn’t long after her first few treatments that she was already noticing a difference.

“She has a quiet confidence. Whenever I first came in to interview with her. I told her what was going on, I let her know I’ve seen five doctors prior to consulting with her. here we are a month later and I am showing signs of improvement left and right,” says Becky, “and now I have a sense of direction. I’ve got help regaining my health.”

Becky is now no longer just existing, but she is living again.

“I feel like I’m back. I may not be 100% yet but there is a light at the end of the tunnel is how I feel. I would say don’t even hesitate. It’s been the very best thing that I’ve done for me all of my life,” says Becky.

Dr. Brogdon is reminding everyone that if you or someone you love is suffering from chronic pain or arthritis to give Albuquerque Acupuncture and Integrative Medicine a call today and schedule a consultation.

Albuquerque Acupuncture and Integrative Medicine are located at 10400 Academy Rd. NE Suite 210, Albuquerque, NM 87111. Their phone number is (505) 355-1984.