ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – The APS Education Foundation is a non-profit organization serving Albuquerque Public Schools. They partner with the community to invest in innovative and enhanced learning opportunities to help APS students reach their full potential.

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Adobe Acres Elementary school teacher Cristina Rincon started ‘Celebrando Cultura con Literatura.’ Rincon explained that she has always been a teacher but has not always wanted to be a teacher. From age 10-18 she wanted to become a pilot, she had everything she needed to do to become one, passing the test and physicals, but she busted her eardrum and derailed that dream. After that, she went back to school and fell in love with Bilingual Multicultural Education. Rincon said ‘There hasn’t been a day in her 30 years of teaching that has been the same.”

‘Celebrando Cultura con Literatura,’ is a program she created that allows everyone to celebrate their culture. APS grant allowed them to get books and that also open the door to opening getting local authors to come in and help the kids. And seeing the kids interact and create their own books is the best part about it, stated Rincon.