ABQ Childcare is a local non-profit that offers free pre-k programs and childcare services for kids up to 12 years. Their mission is to invest in children, making sure they have the care and resources they need.

ABQ Childcare recently became a New Mexico Partner, which means that they now offer free pre-k care Monday-Friday to all families whose children meet the cut-off birthday. They also offer wraparound care, which is before and after care. They have kids who start in pre-k and finish when they are in 5th grade. Those same kids grow up and some bring their own kids back and others even get a job with them. That allows them to be really involved in the community.

They also believe that the best way to learn is by being hands-on with activities. They take trips that teach kids to do things themselves. Their biggest goal is to get them ready for Kindergarten so that when they get there they are prepared to be successful. For more information visit abqchildcare.com or follow them on Facebook and Instagram.