Chasing a Dream, “Third Girl from the Left” is a memoir written by Christine Barker that follows her journey from Santa Fe, New Mexico to the big apple. Barker went on to build a successful career on Broadway. Although her world took a turn slowly and relentlessly of the AIDs epidemic which took away her colleagues, friends and even loved ones.

Barker will be hosting a book signing at Barnes&Noble on April 22, 2023, from 11 a.m. – 2 p.m. at Coronado Center. Her book is available for purchase at Barnes& Noble, Amazon, and any independent bookstores.

“Third Girl from the Left” tells of Barkers’ journey in Santa Fe. She said that every Saturday she would take the bus down to Albuquerque to take dance lessons and she knew she had a dream to chase. Barker worked hard and at the age of 20, she moved to New York City to chase that dream. Barker explained how her first year became difficult as she was attempting to meet the right people, work small jobs, and take classes. It was all worth it when she landed ‘A Chorus Line’. To learn more about author Christine Baker, visit