U.S.S. Omaha UFO lights video adds to body of evidence

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MYSTERY WIRE — The Pentagon has yet to confirm the legitimacy of a newly-released UFO video recorded by the U.S. Navy during a bizarre wave of sightings off the Pacific coast. 

The video shows unknown objects hovering above the U.S.S. Omaha in July 2019, and the footage is only part of the evidence collected by the Department of Defense.

The video of at least two objects is sometimes shaky, recorded on a hand held camera, at night from the deck of a warship as it sliced through the Pacific Ocean 100 miles off-shore.

By itself, the video is far from conclusive. But the odd, unidentified lights that positioned themselves above and around the U.S.S. Omaha in July 2019 represents one of the best documented UFO cases ever.

More than six minutes of this night sky video was recorded by the Omaha’s VIPR team, an on-board intelligence unit tasked with visually documenting significant events.

But the lights are not the only evidence. 

“What’s important about it is that you see lights in the sky,” Investigative filmmaker Jeremy Corbell said. “Sure, okay. But it’s the origin of this, the provenance of it, the information that goes with it.  We don’t know whose they were. And it’s not that they had like super extreme performance, it was that they were brazen.”

Corbell released snippets of the video several days ago. Materials released previously paint a more complete picture of the events during that period. The U.S.S Omaha and at least 8 other Navy ships in the same area were surrounded, sometimes swarmed, by as many as 100 unknown objects over several days.

On the Omaha’s thermal imaging sensors, the crew observed a large sphere that mirrored the ship’s course for more than an hour.

Another image, captured by the same VIPR team, shows the radar system detected multiple  objects, as many as 14 at one point, during the same time period.

The video shot from the deck by the same team proves the incident wasn’t a sensor glitch and the objects were real.

“There were a few different colors within the lights that were white was described, but also like a blue and a red. You know, red, white and blue baby, I wish, I wish these were ours,” Corbell said. “Which by the way, that’s been completely ruled out by our own military investigations through the Office of Naval Intelligence, the Pentagon, the Department of Defense. These are not ours, we don’t know where they launched from, we don’t know where they went to. None of them were captured. We don’t know whose they were.”

A nine-page report made public by the Pentagon contains few specifics about individual UFO encounters. The report includes incidents starting in 2004, the year when Naval aviators encountered the famous Tic Tac UFO in the same general area as the Omaha incidents.

The UAP Task Force produced a classified briefing presentation that included multiple visuals of UFOs, including slides that revealed a freeze frame of the U.S.S. Omaha sphere, and more exotic pyramids that buzzed the U.S.S. Russell at the same time.

Former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, who secured millions of dollars for a UFO research program years ago that led to the creation of the UAP Task Force, thinks the evidence is now overwhelming that Congress should fund a permanent investigation of these unknowns. 

“People said they saw something,” Sen. Reid told Mystery Wire. “Well, a lot of people discounted that till they looked at their sonar, their radar, and other ways of capturing pictures. And they certainly determined that it was something out there wasn’t some imagination of some seamen.”

Although the Pentagon confirmed the earlier videos including the FLIR video of the sphere and the radar footage of multiple objects around the Omaha as genuine, a spokesperson says she “can’t” confirm the video recorded from the deck of the Omaha.

Corbell thinks that needs to change. “The Pentagon now has this footage, it should be an easy thing for them to corroborate, being honest to the American public, that this is indeed filmed by Navy personnel from the deck of the USS Omaha, and that it is involved in the case that is still being investigated. Because the objects that swarmed our Navy ships are still to this day unidentified.” 

You can read the transcript of George Knapp’s interview with Jeremy Corbell below.

George Knapp 
Okay, Jeremy, here we are, again, time for another release. July 2019, off the coast of Southern California, we’ve learned that there were nine US Navy warships that were surrounded by, swarmed by, put under surveillance by these unknown objects, as many as 100 in total. USS Omaha in particular, was put under observation by these things, whatever they are, wherever they’re from. And there were as many as 14 that surrounded at one point, let’s review what you’ve already released and sort of walk it up to what’s new.

Jeremy Corbell  
Sure. So when, regarding this event, the first thing that you and I put out together to the world is the green footage. So it’s the night vision footage, where you see from the deck of the USS Russell, would appear to be triangular in shape from the angle of observation, as it said, in the classified and non classified part of that intelligence report, but they were pyramid in shape. So these are true UFOs. And they were swarming the USS Russell. So that’s the first piece of footage that the public saw regarding these 2019 events of July. That was July 15. There were two big swarms during that month, but that was from the 15th. Then we released together an image and then a set of briefing slides that kind of show another aspect, which is the USS Omaha, and it looked like black and white imagery. And it was you know they were still images. But it was in this briefing slide that again, is contained within a classified document, but is unclassified. So we put that out, and then luck has it, we got the video. So we show the actual video of that UFO transcending and becoming a USO, and appearing to go into the water without destruction. Now, you and I both know, and we have reported that there was a submarine that was sent out to search for wreckage or the vehicle, nothing was found. So the idea is that when it was going on or off radar, which is happening a lot, you know, they may have been going above the scan volume of the radar system or below which is into the water. And so Indeed, it is believed that this was a trans medium vehicle.

George Knapp  
So the sphere that you’re talking about that video is shot, somebody is shooting it on a screen inside the CIC of the USS Omaha. It’s a thermal image of this object that followed along with the ship for about an hour. Right?

Jeremy Corbell   
Longer than that because check this out. So yes, it is the black and white is FLIR forward looking infrared, it’s a thermal signature. It’s used in a Sapphire system on that particular ship, which is the USS Omaha. So as the VIPR team, the visual intelligence team is collecting only things of interest, right? That’s really important. They only focus their cameras on objects of high interest. So they’re filming on this screen inside the Combat Information Center which is it’s it’s like a skiff, it’s highly restrictive access, but the VIPR team is allowed to be there. In fact they were called in because of how unusual this event is. And the people you know as they call fighting the ship or the people dealing with this aspect of these unknowns causing them to document it so that’s why you see it on a screen. It wasn’t me filming a screen. That was you know the VIPR team filming it and yes so that was the kind of the second big drop because for the first time it shows us this now a very interesting world. You can hear people surprised that they’re talking about it they say, “splash splash.” They don’t mean the object splash the water look this is 11 p.m. at night, this is several miles away and they should be seeing heat plumes, exhaust, tails, rotors, all this stuff and they’re not, this is a spherical object. So they’re so they’re surprised when they say splash, means it descended they believe into the water. Now if that’s the case, or if it had some other type of cloaking device, how would I know? But look, it’s footage in a way like the world had never seen anything like this exactly. So it was so neat to put that out but we weren’t done. Next thing, everybody’s always belly aching about radar data. I was struggling myself. How do you show radar data? It’s inherently classified on these warships. However, the navigation radar system was actually really good at picking up these unidentified swarming the Navy warships. There you go. That was the next drop that we put out. Which was the actual radar screen filmed in the CIC, the Combat Information Center by the VIPR team. And this is why the Pentagon has confirmed all of the footage, because I’m not so sure they had it before you and I started poking around. So look, it’s great.

George Knapp   
The radar images had shown that at one point, they had as many as 14 of these unknown spheres surrounding that particular ship, I think the video clips that you released have as many as eight or nine of them, and they’d pop on and off as if they either went up above or below or some kind of cloaking technology that we don’t know about. And that was shot by the same VIPR team in the CIC. They shot the screen, they shot the radar screen. Now, there’s more.

Jeremy Corbell 
There is more. Yes. And, you know, I kind of think that holding this back as kind of one of the last pieces is important, because it’s the way that it relates and corroborates. Everybody wants corroborative sensor data, they want corroborative information. Well, I know as well, the Pentagon now has this footage, it should be an easy thing for them to corroborate, being honest to the American public, that this is indeed filmed by Navy personnel from the deck of the USS Omaha, and that it is involved in the case that is still being investigated. Because the objects that swarmed our Navy ships are still to this day unidentified. And we’ll talk more about that. So I’m thinking, well, let’s put this out. It’s like an inky blackness. But there’s lights and you can see as we have said, but now this is proof that these were bright lights, I mean, these objects, it almost appears to have multiple lights on them. There were a few different colors within the lights that was white was described, but also like a blue and a red. You know, red, white and blue baby, I wish, I wish these were ours. So which by the way, that’s been completely ruled out by our own military investigations through the Office of Naval Intelligence, the Pentagon, the Department of Defense, these are not ours, we don’t know where they launched from, we don’t know where they went to. None of them were captured. We don’t know who they were. And it’s not that they had like super extreme performance, it was that they were brazen. And we’re not just talking about 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 14, we’re talking about 50 to upwards of 100 of these simultaneously swarming nine different warships to the best of my knowledge, with a similar fashion, although different shapes with some of them, as we know from the USS Russell, but they were overhead. And some of them, most of the ships experienced one hovering directly above, still, stationary, with the others doing movements around the ships. So this is the new footage and what’s important about it is that you see lights in the sky. Sure, okay. But it’s the origin of this, the provenance of it, the information that goes with it. So now you’ve got what how many forms of data now to this whole, you’ve got night vision, you’ve got thermal, you’ve got radar, you have classified and unclassified briefings, you have now additionally, video footage, just like anybody could take off of a deck of a ship, but this was filmed by the US VIPR team that was on the USS Omaha.

George Knapp 
Same team shoots the thermal image off the screen, same team shoots the radar image, then goes up to the deck to get some video recording of what’s in the sky.

Jeremy Corbell 
It’s logical, right? You want to get as much data as much sensor data, as much visual data, as much information as you can to pass up the chain of command. However, that process, as we know, is broken so far is broken. And that’s why I hope to become useless to this process. People should not be reaching out to me. Classified or unclassified doesn’t matter, shouldn’t be reaching out to me or feeling that they have to, they all want to work within their own system of the United States military. But if you can’t, you know, pass things up in a way to show the significance. That’s where the frustration comes in. So yes, to answer your question, that’s what the VIPR team’s role is, is things of interest, things of action that could take action. That’s what they’re called in for. And all of this, all of this is from VIPR teams.

George Knapp
Okay, so we’ll roll it right here.

Jeremy Corbell 
So here’s the deal. I did find one, you know, piece interesting, it appears that there is a blinking what appears to be like a plane going overhead. I don’t know, if that was a plane, I’m making the assumption It was a plane. But you know, remember when you go back into history with UFOs, I mean, we’re talking as far back as they’ve ever been recorded, there have always been blinking UFOs, I’m not going to count that out. I’m gonna say I don’t know. But it appears to me that the VIPR team individual, they’re focusing on the UFOs, and then a plane happens to pass above, which was kind of interesting, because it’s different looking. It’s blinking, it’s going. So that was neat. He didn’t focus in on it, as far as I can tell. And I was told that if it was an object of extreme interest, the individual would have focused in on it. So as far as the video goes, you’re really seeing these, you know, these unidentified flying objects that are part of a much bigger narrative. 

George Knapp
So the video by itself may or may not be impressive, I’m impressed by it. But when you combine it with the thermal imaging to show you the shape of the sphere, and then the radar data to show that there were several of them around the ship at the same time, combined with a video shot from the deck. That’s a pretty complete picture.

Jeremy Corbell 
Yeah, I mean, I think about it like this, you know, in Joshua Tree National Park, the film of Joshua Tree is no big deal. But you know, if you’re in the middle of the Sahara Desert, and you see a Joshua Tree, that is a big deal. So the video itself, you know, it’s inky blackness, it’s, you know, lights on the horizon, but you have to understand the context of it, and that our military better confirm it, or there’s other ways that we will have it confirmed, because that is indeed where it came from its origin. And the origin is what makes it so important. Because look, I can tell you all day through the thermal imagery, and the briefing slides, I can tell you that these were self luminous, these were lit up. But until you have this type of footage, you would not know that to be true. So for me, there’s a number of things in this video, which are highly powerful within the context.

George Knapp  
Now we are leaving it up to the public, the UFO public to go ahead and call the Pentagon and get it confirmed.

Jeremy Corbell
Do some work, you know, I might have confirmed things my own way already, to the point where you and I feel comfortable, George, that we’ve confirmed things in our own ways. But look, isn’t it better if everybody digs in, raises hell, makes some noise, and does their own confirmations of what we’re telling them?

George Knapp  
Jeremy, you’ve seen some of the chatter. It’s even happening as we’re recording this? Why is the UAP taskforce leaking videos to Jeremy Corbell or George Knapp? Why are they doing that? We should say for the record, the UAP Task Force has not leaked anything to us, as far as we know, to anyone else.

Jeremy Corbell 
No, they haven’t. They haven’t. And, you know, look, people can say anything with their mouth as many times as they want. It doesn’t make it true. You know, I know the truth. And here you go saying it one more time. You and I have multiple, sometimes decades long sources, how we obtain and release all of our footage together, zero of it. Zero has come from the UAPTF or anybody within those circles. That’s it. Full stop. That’s not what’s happening. Don’t be misleading. Whoever’s chattering about I don’t read social media anymore.

George Knapp
The final thing I thought we’d touch on, the UAP Task Force, DNI, released a report on Friday, did not release any specifics. You and I were kind of hoping that they might touch on some of the cases the incidents that we have documented, nothing, only the general statements. Why do you suppose that is, and I wonder if we’ll ever get confirmation about these particular incidents one by one.

Jeremy Corbell  
You know, it’s interesting. It was said to me, when I was exposed to some of these kind of more unique briefings. The point of those briefings wasn’t to prove UFOs to the armed services in the Intelligence Committee. It was to teach them, it’s okay to report and we want you to report and these are the types of things that you should be looking for. It wasn’t to prove to people and blow their brains that UFOs are real and they’re coming, you know, whatever. Whatever is true about UFOs. So similarly, with this report, we know that there was in the classified part, at least 14, you know, videos. Interestingly enough, the previous UAPTF classified report had 10, about 10 videos. So I know that what we have been able to supply to the people that should have had it before us is that those videos and that content was included in this new report, right? So I, you know, I think George, why we’re not seeing a lot of it’s because they’re really smart, because they’re keeping their doors open. They’re not shocking everybody. As far as the non-classified. They know, of course, we all want it. And I think they should have given it, I think they should have gone through the cases. But really, they need a permanent task force. They need better data, better reporting, they need better analysis, they’re admitting that there has been a failure in intelligence, but it is an acknowledged failure in intelligence. And I just want to say for the record, this is the first time in American history that the United States military is fully acknowledging the presence of UFOs, that they do require scientific study that we should have a program, hopefully on the scale and scope of the Manhattan Project, that we should be taking this seriously and that there’s a lot to learn from it. This has not been the way that it’s been viewed throughout history, as you know, George, so I’m very encouraged that people are mad about that, but I am damn encouraged.

George Knapp   
So there is leaking involved, but it’s leaking from us to them, not them to us.

Jeremy Corbell   
You said it, not me. You said it, not me.

George Knapp  
Okay. All right. Thanks, Jeremy.

Jeremy Corbell 
Thanks, George.

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