(WIAT) — LEGO is shooting for the stars with a new, out-of-this-world model. The company announced that they will be launching an International Space Station (ISS) set on Feb. 1. Most of us Earth-dwellers won’t get a chance to see the ISS in real-life, but this building experience isn’t too far out of reach.

The set is to be part of the 10-year celebration of the LEGO Ideas program, an initiative that allows fans to submit their ideas to LEGO with hopes of their designs being more than just that. Oh, and the creators of the designs will also receive a share of the profits made from the set.

In the box, you will find 864 pieces that will be used to create the ISS, a NASA space shuttle, three mini cargo spacecrafts, and two LEGO astronauts. The set will cost you $69.99, which is still cheaper than the LEGO Ideas NASA Apollo Saturn V. Check out the ISS product specs here.

Will you be picking up this new LEGO set? If LEGOs are your jam, what was/is your favorite set? Let me know on Twitter: @NickErebia.