Mark vs The Mountain

VIDEO: Episode 2 The Lot Search

Mark vs The Mountain

The search is on for the perfect lot. Where should the Ronchettis’ build?  

Tension builds with Mark and Krysty's difference of opinion in selecting the perfect "Special Spot" so Mark and Krysty get advice on the best place to build in Angel Fire.

After a tense night of "sleeping on it" the Ronchetti Clan come together at the local bakery to hash out what lot they will decide on.

Now with the lot selected, Mark jumps in to help clear overgrown timber. 

  • Episode 2, Part 1: Lot Searches
  • Episode 2, Part 2: Lot Advice
  • Episode 2, Part 3: The Decision
  • Episode 2, Part 4: Clearing Trees

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