This is so amazing to see get smiles on their face, get brand new shoes, get books, get toothbrushes, get snacks and to just see how happy they are. To get what they want is important, not what the adults are trying to give them, they get to pick quality shoes. They got Nike, they got Adidas, they got quality shoes that they pick from and they are excited about it. What is interesting, is when I talk to the kids when I’m putting shoes on them, I ask about their classes, I ask them about how school is going and they get really excited about it because they see that people in the community care for them, they love them, they want to bring them in. And I think with that love they want to grow and they want to continue their education and hopefully move forward. Nothing would happen here without KRQE Cares.  I also want to thank everybody at home who has donated and made this possible here today. It’s amazing that these kids are getting an opportunity to get the shoes that they need and how happy they are. ( WisePies Pizza, Owner Steve Chavez)