Part of our mission at Kirtland is to give back to the community that does so much for us. Credit Unions are not for profit, Credit Unions are all about people helping people. That is our underlined philosophy. KRQE Cares Shoes for Kids, we want to put a new pair of shoes on every single child today. That is our goal. Every time we go into a school we accomplish that goal. The other way we measure success is smiles. You know we probably forget a little bit as adults what it felt like to get a new pair of shoes as a kid.  It’s something hard to describe but I honesty believe that it has such a deep impact on these children who honestly, so of which, are feeling that for the first time. So, for me to come and give back and see those kids smile and see them start laughing and showing off their new shoes is so personally gratifying to me. So, giving back to the community is hand and hand with what we do every single day as a Credit Union. (Kirtland Credit Union, President CEO, Matt Rarden)