Over 100 years of Albuquerque’s past preserved in historic Nob Hill neighborhood

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ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – From an empty mesa to a bustling tourist destination, the Nob Hill neighborhood has grown a lot over the last 103 years. Neighbors say it’s more than just the shopping that keeps people coming back.

This is the mother road, and it’s one of the most well preserved sections of Route 66 in the entire country.

Gary Eyster, Nob Hill Neighborhood Association President

Steeped in history and listed on the National Historic Register, Nob Hill has lessons to teach and stories to share. That’s why the people who live there want to help preserve its history. This fall the Nob Hill Neighborhood Association is taking it upon themselves to educate and inspire people who live in the area, to take the proper steps when renovating their homes. They hope this will help keep the historic character of the buildings in Nob Hill intact.

Historic character is a cultural resource it’s like a book or a movie or a piece of theater.

Gary Eyster, Nob Hill Neighborhood Association President

To achieve this, they’re offering an evening with Albuquerque’s senior historic preservation planner, Leslie Naji, on November 6 at Kelly’s Brew Pub. Residents are invited to learn what it means to have a historic property, how to remodel their historic house sensitively and how to qualify for tax credits.

That’s because the New Mexico State Income Tax Credit for Preservation of Cultural Properties can be used in Nob Hill to renovate homes.

On top of the financial incentives, neighbor say keeping Nob Hill well preserved is about pride. This year, Niche.com named Nob Hill the most charming place to live in Albuquerque, in part because of its historic structures, but neighbors say that character can be eroded if not carefully maintained and protected.

We in Nob hill are the inheritors of this historic legacy and we value it, we treasure it.

Gary Eyster, Nob Hill Neighborhood Association President

They also hope their historic preservation initiative will be well received by those who don’t live in the neighborhood. They’re offering an architecture walk on Saturday, October 19 from 1 p.m. until 3 p.m., to teach participants how to recognize historic homes. Participants will also learn some Nob Hill neighborhood history during the walk.

Organizers ask interested peopel register for the event to ensure everyone can hear the guides. They say if the 24 slots fill up, they may schedule a second walk.

For more information on either of these events click here. For more information on Nob Hill’s history, click here.

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