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KRQE Cares: Frequently Asked Questions

How do you choose the schools for the KRQE Cares program?

The need is great in Albuquerque and we've put shoes on over 8,000 children in the schools that are declared 100% Title 1. But there are over 32,000 more kids in this classification that we have not gotten to yet.  Each school the Shoes for Kids campaign partakes in averages about 400 students, and we put shoes on every child in that school.

We want this to be a statewide project, and it will be, in time. As corporate sponsors and foundations join the KRQE Cares program we will see this accomplished in the next few years.

What is considered homeless by APS Title 1?

The term homeless refers to any student that does not have a permanent residence. They are living in a car, homeless shelter, hotel, or at a relatives or friends temporarily due to lack of income to provide housing on their own.  Many of these students are high schoolers that live on their own and do not have a permanent place of residency.

Who is the food collected for the Food For Kids campaign?

In June we have a food drive through a local grocery chain to collect food for APS Title 1 Homeless Project.  The food is donated to supply this project food for snack packs that are put together and distributed to the more than 4,000 homeless students in APS.

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