The KRQE Cares Program

Every child is important and therefore, all children should have the best chance to reach their full potential. Children living in poverty have access to fewer resources and thus are less likely to succeed academically, more likely to experience food insecurity or homelessness, and have a higher probability to suffer from poor physical and mental health.

Shoes for Kids

Having new shoes, just like other kids, helps level the playing field, making it possible for kids to walk with pride and compete equally with their classmates. Anecdotal evidence suggests that it may play a significant role in reducing children dropping out of school. Increasing a child’s self-esteem and confidence removes one more barrier to learning. We want to continue to have children run faster, jump higher, and come to school, giving them the best opportunity for success.

Food for Kids

APS Title 1 Homeless Project currently serves over 4,000 homeless students in Albuquerque.  The food collected is used to supply weekly snack packs for high school students living on their own, and families with school aged children that are homeless.

Books for Kids

Story Time in the Parks is a program run by APS Title 1.  They have joined up with the City and County free lunch in the park programs by reading a story to the kids that come for the free lunch each day of the summer. Story Time in the Park will vary each year based on funding, but will always try to serve the most economically disadvantaged locations near Title I schools.  Certified reading teachers volunteer time to read.  This encourages reading during the summer and supplies parents and children with the tools needed to read.  The children are given the free book after it is read.