SANTA FE COUNTY, N.M. (KRQE) – Like some other law enforcement agencies, the Santa Fe County Sheriff’s Office is looking to boost its ranks. To do so, they’re offering cash and other incentives.

“The county commissioners have approved the new bonus incentive hiring packages, which helps to make our agency more competitive with similar law enforcement agencies as we work to recruit new deputies,” Sheriff Mendoza said in a news release. Those incentives include cash and personal leave time.

The Sheriff’s Office is offering $10,000 for lateral deputy hires and $5,000 for cadet hires. Hires can also get 80 hours of personal leave when they sign on, the department says.

Currently, the department says they have 12 deputy vacancies. They’re hoping the incentives can help attract qualified workers. “Overall, recruitment in the law enforcement profession is challenging as most agencies are recruiting from a limited pool of potential applicants,” Sheriff Mendoza says.

For more info on applying, interested people can go to the county’s website. Applications are taken online.