ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – Looking for a job can be stressful for anyone, from finding the openings, filling out long applications, and then the interviews. Now a new program is looking to make that process easier for people with developmental disabilities (D.D.).

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“We don’t really have any entry-level or administrative support positions available,” says Alice Liu McCoy the Executive Director of the Developmental Disabilities Council. Liu McCoy says that’s something people living with developmental disabilities, hear all too often.

Liu McCoy says applying for a job is stressful for anyone, but people living with D.D. can often face more barriers in their way. “I think there’s a fear among employers generally, that workers with disability are a liability, or costly,” said Liu McCoy.

Now, a new program created by the D.D.C will help place people with D.D. into state jobs that they’re qualified for. “There are many state jobs that need these folks’ skills and talents, and this program will connect the right people with the right job,” says Liu Mccoy.

They will work with state agencies that have open positions, then help identify qualified candidates for the job. They will also provide job training, and help them through the application process. Liu McCoy says they’re hoping this will encourage the private sector to hire more people with D.D.

Those interested in getting involved in the program can send a resume and cover letter to Joe Turk at the Developmental Disabilities Council.