ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – The New Mexico State Fair is just around the corner and organizers are still looking to hire employees for the duration of the fair. The Expo Center was able to keep most of its core employees throughout the pandemic due to hosting vaccine clinics and testing. As we inch closer to September and the start of the fair more help is needed.

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Like everywhere else, hiring has been a struggle. Especially in areas like maintenance and cashiers but they also need help with the livestock and stalls. Usually, they go in with around 600 or more employees but they’ve been able to make some cuts due to updates on the grounds.

“We are able to do it with a little bit less because of what we’ve been able to do with the technology out here and make some adaptations to the property to ensure that people can come in freely,” said Dan Mourning, General Manager of Expo New Mexico.

Mourning says they’ve added areas for free parking so no one will be needed to direct you to spots or take money but the biggest upgrade is the new addition of ticketing kiosks. The kiosks will also cut down on contact for any COVID-19 concerns.

State fair workers do count as state employees so all employees will have to either be fully vaccinated or go through routine COVID-19 testing. Anyone wanting to apply can do so online or stop by the employment trailer a the fairgrounds.

The New Mexico State Fair runs from September 9-19.