SANTA FE, N.M. (KRQE) – Halloween night turned truly scary for one Santa Fe family after the mom says her three-year-old son ate a Tide Pod given out in his candy bag. The fun night quickly turned frightening.

Giselle Rascon said she took her kids trick-or-treating in the Cielo Azul subdivision off Agua Street. After the long night, she said she heard her three-year-old son coughing and gasping for air.

“We picked him up and we realized he was spitting up some liquid, like, out of his mouth…and he had it on his clothes and that’s when we realized he had a Tide Pod in his hand,” said Rascon. She said her family immediately gave him water, washed out his mouth, and helped him puke some of it out, before rushing him to the hospital.

There, doctors took the three-year-old’s vitals and called Poison Control. Thankfully, he was okay. Rascon said her family doesn’t use Tide Pods, and when she found more of them in her other kids’ candy bags, she had a feeling of where they came from.

“That’s when we realized they got it in the candy,” she said. But after going to more than a dozen houses in the neighborhood that evening, Rascon doesn’t know which house it may have come from – or if it was accidental or intentional. “If that happened to my son, you don’t know if they handed out more Tide Pods to more kids,” she said.

KRQE talked to several neighbors in the area off-camera, all of whom said they didn’t hear of any Tide Pods going out to kids on Halloween.

While she is grateful the incident wasn’t worse, the close call is having her re-think the Halloween tradition.

“I felt really upset. I even wanted to cry…I don’t know how I feel about going trick-or-treating next year,” she said. Rascon posted about the incident on Facebook to keep other parents aware and she is urging parents to be extra vigilant in checking their kids’ candy. Rascon is considering filing a police report so authorities will have it on their radar for next year.