NEW MEXICO (KRQE) – New Mexico Congresswoman Yvette Herrell is co-sponsoring a bill aimed to curb mass migration to the United States. Under the “Anti-Caravan Act”, a group of 25 people or more that comes within a quarter-mile of the U.S.-Mexico border would not be eligible for asylum for up to ten years. Anyone who organizes that group would be ineligible for up to 30 years.

Congresswoman Herrell believes that would serve as a deterrent to those who may join an immigrant caravan. “If someone is coming to this nation to seek true asylum, certainly this would not impact them and they would turn themselves into a port of entry and claim asylum. That’s completely different. What we’re trying to do is prevent large groups from coming to the southern border,” she said.

The bill would also allow Homeland Security to pay up to 70% of the travel costs to repatriate foreign nationals. That would use around $60,000,000 already allocated to the State Department.