ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – A Clovis man who crashed into a state police car head-n will stay behind bars until trial.

Early Sunday morning, 41-year old Marquez and his 18-year-old passenger, Gabriella Ramos, drove off from police, weaving in and out of traffic and going the wrong way before crashing into a state police car, head on. The two tried to run off before being caught by state police officers. They also found a gun in Marquez’s car.

Marquez was already accused of a double shootingin Clovis and car theft. On Thursday, the state argued Marquez should be held in jail until trial, arguing his criminal history has gotten more violent and serious over time. The state also argued him being a convicted felon with a firearm shows he won’t follow the rules if released.

“Your honor, I can’t emphasize enough how dangerous this conduct has been and how many lives have been put at risk. And now an officer actually has been in a crash with the defendant when they only thing they were trying to do was stop them for speeding,” said Rob Hart, representing the state.

The defense argued Marquez is only accused of one violent crime, never convicted. They also brought up concerns and discrepancies in the criminal complaint in that case.

“The state’s reliance on that internally inconsistent criminal complaint alone is not enough to say he has an ongoing history of violence, that he poses a continuous pattern of violence or that there’s clear and convincing evidence of his dangerousness, your honor,” said Natalie Zerwekh, representing Marquez.

The defense also argued Marquez has done well in the past when released on supervision and that conditions could be put in place, like banning Marquez from driving. The defense asked the court to follow the public safety assessment for Marquez, which recommends he be released until trial.

Judge Bruce Fox said the defense brought up some good points but ultimately he agreed with the state. He granted the motion for Marquez to be held behind bars until trial. He is being held without bond. A trial date has not been set yet.