CORRALES, N.M. (KRQE) – One Corrales program is helping people find balance and breathe easier. They do it by creating a bond with horses.

Emily Ghiurcan, the owner of Equi-Librium Energy Work in the Village of Corrales, said her program focuses on emotional balance.

“We work to help clients get back into their physical bodies a bit more because we’ve learned through research that being in our bodies is one way in which we can learn to regulate our emotions,” said Ghiurcan.

Through different skills like breathing techniques and yoga, the program helps clients communicate with their nervous system. Whether they are carrying joy, anger, or stress, Ghiurcan mentioned every customer comes in with different emotional needs.

“This work really helps me understand self-acknowledgment,” said a client of Equi-Librium Energy Work, Heather Lovick-Tolley, “Where am I at right now? How is it impacting me? Am I taking on energy? How do we keep it balanced?”

Ghiurcan added Equine-Facilitated Learning helps her clients gain skills to relieve stress, release emotions, and align their bodies. She said the educational program comes with great benefits like lowering heart rates and she couldn’t do any of this without her equine friends. Horses act as her co-teachers and help educate students about setting boundaries and regulating themselves.

“Horses are excellent in helping us to complete that work because they are always going to respond to what’s going on inside of you rather than what you might be trying to portray on the outside,” said Ghirucan.

Equi-Librium Energy Work opened in 2022. Sessions run from one hour to full days and can vary in pricing.