ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – With a July 6 fight date approaching, UFC fighter Diego Sanchez has made a big change in his preparation. Sanchez said he has left Jackson and Wink Academy, the gym he has called home for most of his MMA career.

Sanchez posted an interview from on his Instagram page talking about his decision. “This is a Diego Sanchez moment,” said Sanchez. “I made a crucial decision. No more JW, best team in the world. I’m going in with one trainer.”

Sanchez will face Michael Chiesa at UFC 239. Sanchez made the decision to leave Jackson & Wink Academy because he believes he was not getting the attention he thought he should have as he prepared for his next battle.

“I wasn’t learning. I wasn’t growing as a mixed martial artist,” Sanchez said. He revealed the changes in his camp at UFC Media in Los Angeles Monday.