ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – People who’ve never ridden Albuquerque’s buses are hopping on the new rapid transit service, but some new riders are finding that tracking the city’s new buses their cell phones isn’t so clear-cut.

The city says the tracking information is available in the older ABQ RIDE app, but there is a certain method to making sure it displays.

Meanwhile, it’s also working on two newer apps they hope to activate next year. However, those apps are still available in the Apple App Store.

“The original app that we currently use is the ABQ RIDE app, it’s provided by and developed by APP City Life, a local start-up,” said Rick DeReyes, spokesman for ABQ RIDE.

Inside of that app, there’s a certain trick to live tracking the ART buses. Users have to tap “select a route” in the bottom right corner of the app. To show the live locations of ART buses on the map, users have to select the “777 – Green Line” and “766 – Red Line (Central)” bus routes. Those are the same numbers as the old Rapid Ride routes, which ART replaced.

With the live tracking activated on the map, each bus icon on the screen represents an individual ART bus on the route.

“If you want you can even click on that bus, and it will tell you what bus it is, what direction is going and the speed,” DeReyes said.

Inside the list of routes to select, users will also find one route listed as “1000 – Albuquerque Rapid Transit.” Deceivingly, that route option will not display a single ART bus on the road.

“That was put in there by the app developers as a test,” DeReyes said.

While today’s tracking may not be so straight forward, the city says work on a new ABQ RIDE app should be finished soon.

“We’re hoping to get it in by January but it could take a little later than that,” said DeReyes.

Every ART station should also have at least one monitor that displays a live look at where all city buses are near that stop. The city’s ABQ RIDE website also features links to the UNM created “Where’s My Bus” website, which also tracks every ART bus along with regular city buses.

Along with the new ABQ RIDE app, the city is also planning on launching a mobile ticketing app soon, which will allow people to buy bus tickets on their phones.