DENVER (KDVR) — If you are going to Empower Field for the Broncos vs. New York Jets game on Sunday, the field will be icy.

Empower Field is getting a new paint job in honor of the Denver Broncos’ “Snowcapped” design. The alternate helmet and the newly painted field will make their debut during the Jets game.

The helmet, which is called the Snowcapped design, was introduced on July 25 in a 45-second video that showed the helmet sitting on a throne of ice. Justin Simmons and Pat Surtain II are the only two players featured in the video, both wearing orange uniforms. The two players put on the helmet and then sat on the throne.

The helmet itself is a white base, which the team says pays homage to the snowcapped mountains, with orange and blue stripes running front to back over the crown of the helmet. On either side, it features a throwback Denver “D” logo.

The helmet will only be worn with the orange Color Rush uniforms, and fans will get the first look at the full uniform on Sunday.

According to the team, the Broncos have worn five helmets during the franchise’s existence, but Sunday’s game will mark the first time they’ve featured an all-white helmet shell.

To continue with the icy and snowy theme, the end zones at Empower Field will be painted white. The midfield logo will also feature the classic “D” logo that will match the helmets.

The Snowcapped helmet will only be worn twice this season, according to the team. The design will make its debut against the Jets and will be worn again against the New England Patriots in Week 16.