ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – Mosquitos testing positive for the West Nile Virus have been identified in Bernalillo County according to the City of Albuquerque Environmental Health Department and Bernalillo County Planning and Development Services Department on Friday. A City of Albuquerque press release states the virus was detected through routine mosquito monitoring, which goes on throughout the city as well as unincorporated areas of Bernalillo County.

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Officials say anyone in Bernalillo County is encouraged to report standing water or mosquito problems by calling 311. A few measures the public can take to prevent exposure to mosquitos that could be carrying the virus are:

  • Use insect repellent on exposed skin and clothing when outdoors. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommend repellents containing DEET, Picaridin, oil and lemon eucalyptus, or IR3535 for use on skin, and permethrin for use on clothing.
  • Get rid of water-holding containers where mosquitoes could lay eggs, such as old tires, and regularly change the water in birdbaths, wading pools, and pet water bowls. Rain barrels should be tightly screened.
  • Prevent water from standing for more than a few days when flood-irrigating.
  • Keep windows and doors without screens closed. Make sure screens fit tightly and do not have holes.

More information on mosquito control and mosquito-borne disease prevention programs in Albuquerque and Bernalillo County is available on the City of Albuquerque website.