ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – A lot of people across the country, and in New Mexico, are getting sick with respiratory illnesses. Between RSV, the flu, COVID, and colds, doctors are seeing a lot of visitors.

Several doctors and clinics said they’re seeing a lot of adult patients with symptoms of multiple viruses. This comes as there’s been a surge of RSV, flu, COVID, and seasonal viruses all at the same time.

“Absolutely there are more people co-infected now simply because there’s more of each of these viruses circulating around in the community,” said Presbyterian Children’s Program Director Dr. John Pederson.

Right now, the biggest infection among kids is RSV. Hospitals are seeing some of the highest numbers in years. There isn’t a large influx of co-infections among children, but they are happening.

Adults patients, however, are a different story. Urgent care and doctors’ officers say they are seeing many patients positive for more than one virus. It’s mostly consisted of RSV, the flu, and other seasonal viruses.

Officials said bodies can only fight off so many diseases at once.

“There is certainly evidence to suggest that when you are infected with one respiratory virus more susceptible to get another respiratory virus, which is why we are seeing these co-infections,” said Dr. Pederson.

However, Pederson said there’s no clear evidence to suggest that being infected with more than one virus is more severe. Some patients said they’ve never felt so bad health-wise before, but it’s not known whether it’s a more severe strain of a virus or just exhausted immune systems causing the severity of sickness.

Officials are advising people to evaluate themselves at home before coming to the doctor. If your symptoms can be taken care of at home, then it’s best to stay there.

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However, if you experience trouble breathing or dehydration, it might be time to contact your doctor.