ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – It’s a common sight across the city, homeless people setting up encampments and taking up residence wherever they see fit. Cottonwood Family Medicine Nurse practitioner and Owner, Katie Boylan says the growing problem outside her door is preventing clients from receiving the medical care they need.

“They are just making a huge mess everywhere, they are leaving food, things that can attract roaches. They are leaving baskets and cardboard,” said Boylan.

Boylan says she’s finally had enough and is considering a lawsuit against the city. Our cameras captured a small amount of what Boylan says she’s been dealing with on a daily basis, including trash, abandoned shopping carts, cardboard boxes, and empty food containers left behind from the homeless. Bolyn says it’s been a daily occurrence that her staff and over 3,000 of her clients have to navigate through every time they walk into her practice.

Boylan says her biggest concern is the safety of her patients, who the majority she says are elderly. With growing encampment outside her door, Boylan says it has placed limits on her patient’s health care needs. Already around 25 of her clients are expressing concerns, some she says are terrified to walk in. “I considered a lawsuit because it is against the law to limit people’s access to health care and essentially, that’s kind of what’s occurring by them not cleaning up the problem or dealing with it in a more appropriate way,” said Boylan.

Although she’s not sued the city just yet, Boylan says she has talked to an attorney. She says she hopes her actions will motivate the city to seek a solution.  A city spokesperson says they do send out crews to clean up encampments on private property through the city’s Code Enforcement Division. They do encourage people to report the encampments through 311. The city did not address the possibility of a lawsuit.

Boylan says the landlord of the property does have cleaning crews who go out daily, but it’s not enough to keep the people and trash from coming back. KRQE reached out to the property manager for comment and how they’re trying to deal with this issue but have not heard back.