NEW MEXICO (KRQE) – Health care is a vital, necessary part of life. Finding it at the right price can be a difficult part of the process, however. WalletHub recently published a study that ranked health care across the United States.

Source: WalletHub

The study looked at each state (along with the District of Columbia) and compared cost, access, and healthcare outcomes. The three dimensions were then evaluated across 44 relevant metrics. New Mexico ended up being the 34th best state in the country for health care; coming in 25th for cost, 36th for access, and 41st when it came to outcomes.

New Mexico also was highlighted for having the fourth most dentists in the country as well as the country’s second-lowest cancer rate. Also of note, our state has the second-highest percentage of at-risk adults with no routine doctor visits in the past two years.

The state with the best health care? Minnesota. They boast the best state for cost, seventh in access, and 15th when it comes to health care outcomes.