ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – Some employers, schools, and businesses in New Mexico are now requiring proof of vaccination. While many people have been careful to hold on to their vaccine card for situations like this, the state said there are options if you have misplaced or damaged yours.

With more places requiring proof of vaccination, News 13 wanted to see what are acceptable forms of proof and what people should do if they lose their actual card.

Some employers are requiring it. The vaccine mandate can also be found at a few New Mexico colleges, and some local businesses are requiring it too. So, what do you do if you lose your vaccine card? The New Mexico Department of Health said people have a few options.

The state said is the most efficient way. You enter your basic information and Vaxview NM automatically generates a report of all the vaccines you have received including your COVID vaccine. “The website provides a link for you to show on your phone or you can have it emailed to you and print out a hard copy,” NMDOH spokesperson David Morgan said.

News 13 reported back in June that there are some discrepancies on Vaxview NM. Some people are not listed. The state said people can call to get that fixed, but there are also other acceptable forms of proof people can rely on. The state said a photo of your vaccine card is fine. You can also show a screenshot of your vaccine activity on the state’s website that includes your manufacturer, dose, and date. Morgan said the state, which requires its employees to be vaccinated, accepts these for its workers. “It doesn’t hurt to think ahead about the safest ways to be able to be sure you have the information at your fingertips,” Morgan said.

Morgan said he personally keeps his card in a safe place. He made a photocopy of it and laminated the copy. He said he also has a photo of his card, front and back, on his phone.

You can also request a replacement card from your vaccine provider. If you are unsure who your provider is, the state said that information is listed on Vaxview NM or you can call the location where you got vaccinated. Morgan said replacements are free.