ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – A UNM researcher is working to find out if exercise makes you better at fighting off COVID. “What we want to know is if your exercise habits or your physical fitness may give you better immunity to the vaccine,” said Assistant Professor Michael Deyhle of UNM’s Department of Health, Exercise, and Sports Sciences.

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Professor Deyhle is studying vaccinated adults, ranging in their levels of physical activity. He wants to see whether people with better strength and aerobic performance have higher levels of COVID antibodies in their blood after getting the vaccine.

Deyhle says studies have shown that link with other vaccines, like flu and tetanus shots, but it is still unknown whether it holds true for COVID. “A whole bunch of factors that play into how effective your immune response is. Some of those we can control for, like your exercise, diet, other lifestyle choices. Others we can’t, like genetics,” says Deyhle. “Your physical fitness and your exercise are something we can modify. We can choose to be more active.”

Deyhle hopes to have the data compiled within the next two to three months. Deyhle is also looking for people to participate in the study. If you are interested, contact Deyhle at or at 505-321-7388