ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – An Albuquerque woman is frustrated after her family got the COVID vaccine, but didn’t get the $100 incentive money for getting their shot. Connie Sanchez said she took her 14-year-old son to get his second dose on June 14.

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She was told she would get the $100 gift card in the mail within a week or two. It’s now been more than a month and Sanchez still hasn’t received anything.   

“I feel like they’re not living up to what they’re promising, what they’re offering. If you’re going to say you’re going to do something – anybody – I think you should follow through with what you’re promising and what you’re offering, especially someone like a state department,” said Sanchez.    

Sanchez called the Health Department on July 7 and said they told her that the state was running behind on giving out the incentive gift cards to people who had to get it mailed to them. A spokesperson with the Health Department said they’ve actually made a lot of progress in getting the incentive gift cards out to people. As of last Friday, they’ve sent out nearly 8,000 E-cards to people who provided them with emails or cell phones and about 2,500 people will be getting their incentives in the mail soon.

Although progress is being made, Sanchez still wishes the health department was more communicative during the process. “I’d like to reach out and either let us know that we did not qualify or get that check in the mail,” said Sanchez. 

The Health Department said they’re also mailing out gift cards to the parents or guardians of vaccinated minors on Monday. The department apologized for the delay and said they had to go through vaccine records from hundreds of health partners and validate each one. They said they appreciate everyone’s patience through this process.

If anyone has additional questions or concerns you’re asked to contact the NMDOH at