NEW MEXICO (KRQE) – It’s the final countdown to reach the governor’s goal of getting 60% of the state fully vaccinated to reopen completely by the beginning of July. It has the state doing what it can to get more people to get their shot, like pushing its $100 incentive on social media.

“Come get your vaccine. Let’s get the state open. We’re all ready to move on and you get $100. Come do it,” one person getting their vaccine said in a video on the New Mexico Department of Health’s Instagram page. The push can also be seen on signs on highways, flooded on social media, and in texts from NMDOH reminding people to opt in to its ‘Vax 2 The Max’ Sweepstakes.

“If you are due for a booster, even within four days of your due date, if it’s four days earlier or you’re late for your booster or you’re willing to take a J&J, a very efficacious vaccine as well, please do so. Please go out and get your vaccine,” said Dr. Tracie Collins, Secretary of NMDOH.

At the start of the week, the state needed about 35,000 doses by the end of June 17 to reach the goal. The latest numbers showed the state needed 16,039 more people getting their second dose or the one-shot Johnson & Johnson vaccine on June 17 to reach the goal. The state won’t know if it made that until after vaccine sites close, and even then, it said the numbers can change on Friday.

“Basically we’re looking at other states to see if New Mexicans have gone there and we’re pulling that data currently which is why I say stay tuned because the numbers will shift tomorrow just a bit,” said Dr. Collins.

The final day to receive the $100 for getting a shot is on Friday. To find out where you can go get your vaccine, visit