ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – The “Hope For All” mobile tour stopped by Albuquerque on Saturday to educate the Latino community about the coronavirus vaccine and booster shots. Only 55% of Latinos in New Mexico are fully-vaccinated, compared to 65% of white people in the state.

Those numbers rank near the bottom in the U.S., according to a July report. The Esperanza Hope For All Tour wants to change that. They’re touring communities to let them know vaccines and boosters are both safe and effective.

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“We just want to spread awareness and have everyone get vaccinated,” said Diana Ordonez, member of the Vaccine with Confidence committee. “Right now, there is about 60% of the population that is vaccinated, but we have a really low percentage here in New Mexico of children that are not vaccinated.”

The state department of health says that less than 2% of kids between the age of six months and four years old in New Mexico are fully-vaccinated. For kids five through 11, it’s 33%. Sixty-one percent of kids 12 through 17 are fully-vaccinated.