New Mexico Department of Health COVID-19 dashboard provides the latest coronavirus cases by county and zip code. The dashboard includes a breakdown by age, gender, and race/ethnicity also by state and county. See historical trend-line charts cases by county/by day and see daily updates on Tracking Coronavirus in New Mexico.

Red, Yellow, Green, Turquoise Level Definitions
Tracking Vaccinations in New Mexico by County

COVID-19 Map Key

  • RED: Both average Daily Cases 8 or more per 100,000 and Test Positivity 5% or greater
  • YELLOW: Either average Daily Cases under 8 per 100,000 or Test Positivity under 5%
  • GREEN: Both average Daily Cases under 8 per 100,000 and Test Positivity under 5%
  • TURQUOISE: Counties at the Turquoise Level have both a new COVID-19 case incidence rate of no greater than 8 cases per 100,000 inhabitants during the most recent four-week period, and an average percent of positive COVID-19 test results over the most recent four-week period less than or equal to 5%.

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