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Distance Learning Tips

From Jennifer Luna, Director of Curriculum, Assessment and Teacher Development

  1. Set up a work space for your student to complete assignments.
  2. Create a schedule and stick to it. Plan for study time (online and offline), breaks and recreation time. 
  3. Create a list of assignments to complete. If due dates are several days away, break down the assignment into chunks to complete a little each day. 
  4. Check off the assignment on the to-do list once completed.
  5. Small study sessions over time is best. Long study sessions lead to fatigue and do not allow for students to process the information into long term memory.
  6. Don’t spend long hours studying just one subject. 
  7. To keep your mind fresh, switch between subjects periodically.

New Mexico

Here’s a list of free educational resources and activities for children that are stuck at home during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Interactive learning

  • Accessibyte is offering free access to all of their learning apps during the pandemic including Typio and Quick Cards
  • Arcademics offers free multiplayer educational games for math and language arts
  • Cool Math 4 Kids offers free games, quizzes and lessons in math for younger students
  • Explorable offers free educational science projects including how to make sun dials and how bread decays
  • Fun Family Crafts offers free educational crafting ideas from toddler to teen including crystal egg geodes and coffee ground fossils
  • Minecraft: Education Edition offers free educational tools and videos when you have a Microsoft account.
  • OH WOW Science Center offers free educational videos and projects on their Facebook
  • Science Fun offers educational science projects fro kids including black light beverages and the water cycle in a jar
  • Sesame Street offers free online learning games and videos for young students
  • From 3-5 p.m. on March 27 Scholastic is offering a free Virtual Book Fest on their website with guest speakers and a dance party!
  • The Magic School Bus offers free online learning, experiments and an educational cartoon available on Netflix

Learning resources

  • 123 Homeschool 4 Me offers free worksheets and coloring pages for young students
  • 3P Learning is offering 4 weeks free for teachers who would like to teach their students from home (ages K-16)
  • 2Simple offers a free learning program called Purple Mash to help teach students english and math skills
  • All Kids Network is offering free worksheets and crafts for students
  • Ascend Math is offering a free trial for teachers until the end of April so they can teach math skills from home
  • Audible is offering a free 30-day trial on audiobooks for kids
  • Big History Project offers a free platform for teachers to teach social studied from home
  • Classroom Cereal offers free grammar worksheets for students
  • Desmos offers free activities for teachers to use with students online and teach from home
  • DiscoveryK12 offers free student accounts to learn 7 standard courses online
  • NASA is offering their entire library free online for students
  • New American History offers history lesson plans for students K-12
  • NSW-Education is offering free online learning resources and study tips for students and parents learning at home including links to educational games
  • PBS offers Everyday Learning opportunities for online learning (ages PreK-13)
  • ReadWorks offers free reading comprehension activities for students K-12
  • Scholastic offers free online learning, educational games and reading resources for kids and parents
  • Scholastic Kids Press offers free news from kids, for kids
  • The New York Public Library is offering free e-tutoring services and over 300,000 e-books for download on the SimplyE app
  • Teacher.org has put together a list of lesson plans for math, science, english, social studies and even P.E.
  • The Public Library of Youngstown and Mahoning County is offering free educational resources and e-books

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