NEW MEXICO (KRQE) – A woman at a New Mexico store learned the hard way that when you call someone out for refusing to wear a mask. it can turn ugly and even violent.

In May, security cameras inside Bode’s General Store in Abiquiu caught a woman confronting a customer who refused to wear a mask. There’s no audio but you can see the maskless woman give her an open-handed shove to the face before storming out. The woman wearing a mask follows her out the door and keeps yelling at her.

“I understand why somebody would because we are looking at everybody’s health here,” says Al Yturralde.

At the beginning of July, KRQE asked viewers via an online survey if they were worried that confronting someone over a mask could turn violent. Of the nearly 6,000 people who responded, 55% said yes.

One Old Town shop owner Al Yturralde says he’s had to confront a few people to keep himself and his customers safe. “For the most part I would hand out a mask, otherwise I would have to ask them to leave. For the most part, they would comply and some would get angry,” Yturralde says.

Some people say they are noticing improvements when they are out and about.”It feels like its a lot better now than it was even a month ago,” says Lisa Houston.

Others say if they see someone ignoring the public health order, they’d risk it and call them out. “I think I’m a very straightforward person and I would just say it politely.” said Denise Stramel.

New Mexico State Police did respond to the incident at Bode’s General Store in Abiquiu. However, the mask-less woman was already long-gone but she could face battery charges if they are able to identify her.

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