NEW MEXICO (KRQE) – With COVID-19 cases spiking, many New Mexicans are looking to get tested as a precaution as they get ready to go back to school and work. The problem is, you cannot find a place to get tests. Testing for COVID-19 is in such high demand right now there seems to be a shortage throughout New Mexico and across the United States.

Whether it’s a PCR or a rapid at-home test, those seeking to get one are out of luck. “They are all sold out everywhere. I can’t find any,” said Jaz Marie Wisor.

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Store employees at Walgreens and CVS stores say they can’t keep their shelves stocked, with some stores having to limit purchases to four kits per person as they fly off the shelves. As the state sees fewer testing sites throughout the metro since the height of the pandemic, many residents are seeking alternatives such as drive-through pharmacies to try and get tested.

Unfortunately, dates to schedule a COVID-19 test at a pharmacy are booked five days to a week in advance with very limited slots available. With the omicron variant spreading quickly and for people who need results right away, many think we need to bring back more testing clinics.

“I know at the start of COVID when it was a new thing we had multiple sites throughout the city offering free testing. I know those were very overloaded, but maybe bring back more testing sites for the public,” said Wisor.

Officials from the Department of Emergency Management say at-home test kits are on the way for household distribution, however, they are still waiting on state officials to give a guidance plan on how the tests will be distributed. The state has bought 50,000 rapid test kits with COVID relief funds and is expecting an additional 60,000. There is no exact date on when they are scheduled to arrive.