SILVER CITY, N.M. (KRQE) – As Western New Mexico University reopened this week, they announced they have developed strict policies and procedures to ensure community health during the COVID-19 pandemic as student residents returned to campus.

“Over the spring and summer months, WNMU put much thought into our reopen plan, which includes robust campus-wide procedures aimed at ensuring a safe return to campus for our students, staff and faculty,” said Dr. Isaac Brundage in a news release Thursday, Vice President for Student Affairs at WNMU. “Maintaining the health and wellbeing of our entire community is being made possible through our close partnership with Hidalgo Medical Services and the continued diligence of our campus and community leaders.”

In a news release, WNMU says campus residents were told to follow all current public and university-issued health orders as well as present a negative SARS-CoV-2 test result upon arrival to the campus. WNMU said for those who did not produce a negative result prior to check-in, WNMU and Hidalgo Medical Services provided robust testing on-site for students.

They also said no face to face instruction is taking place during the first weeks of the fall semester, and various WNMU courses may move to hybrid formats starting September. The university provided separate living quarters for students who are self-isolating and who may encounter the need to quarantine as the semester progresses.